The Importance of Now

Nothing is more important than what you make of yourself now. The High school years determine the rest of our lives, whether we get into the college we want, whether we go on to succeed, or go on to live in a van down the river. (Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing). Most of your life will be formed along the lines of what you do in these critical high school years. Some say that old habits die hard, and they’re right about that. Even the small things, how you go about your life in High school will stick with you. Most people would be surprised, simple sleeping habits can carry out through rest of your life.

Your work habits, whether you did your work on time or slacked it off until the last moment or never even did it can describe how you’ll work in a future job. If you don’t change for the better, you might end up stuck with poor work habits. It’s been proven that most on-time and work ethical students do better in their jobs, which leads to less stress and a happier life.

Look at your binder, it’s messy. Now look back at me. I’m happy and organized. Now back at your binder, your boss is trying to find something in it and has found that paper you wrote all those nasty insults on. Back at me, I’m still smiling… You’re jobless now, it pays to be organized, people have been preaching this for years.

You should really be careful of the attitude you keep in school. If you hear something similar to “Your mother didn’t spank you enough when you were young” or “I’ve seen bulls with a better attitude than you” then you probably need to adjust yourself. If you’d back talk your teacher, you’re just as likely to back talk your boss; and there’s no detention in the field of work. Only pay freezes and pink slips.

There is one thing that doesn’t mean everything but can seriously help you later in life. I’m talking about Volunteer Work, of course, it really looks good on a resumé. No, really. It does. Nothing says to an employer “This person is so cool, they willingly did helpful doings for free! They really care about themselves and I should hire them!” .

So, next time you back talk a teacher because they commented on your messy binder and incomplete homework, think again about what that says about your future.

Article by Zachary Norman.

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