The Illuminati – A New World Order?

Article by Remi Wilkinson.

Music has always been one of the central components that defines and shapes a generation’s culture. Our music allows us to come together as people attempting to find unity and community. The Illuminati is a society founded on May 1st, 1776. Their mission is to achieve a “New World Order”, in which the world is controlled by a one-world totalitarian government. The plan to spread this mission: exploit our music to introduce its message.

Kanye West - Illuminati hand-sign?The Illuminati plants itself within mainstream culture to subliminally introduce its ideas into the world. From the one dollar bill to popular movies, signs of the Illuminati are said to be everywhere.  Many celebrities have been allegedly involved with the Illuminati, such as rapper Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Tupac Sharkur, and Notorious B.I.G. The Illuminati has also been blamed for the mysterious deaths of many clebrites:

  • Tupac
  • Michael Jackson
  • Whitney Houston
  • Amy Winehouse

The Illuminati targets only successful and influential people to be a part of their organization. Barbadian recording artist, Rihanna has been considered one of the most influential people in the world, according to Time Magazine. Her involvement with the Illuminati has been widely speculated. Rapper Prodigy has spoken out about the organization as well.

“Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body.

Secret Society trying to keep their eye on me.”

So how does the Illuminati affect us, as young people living within the world today? As a generation, we are almost completely drowned in technology. We have our phones, we have television, we have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The Illuminati uses popular culture as a vehicle to spread its message to young people. Eminem references the “New World Order” theory. For example, Eminem’s popular song “Lose Yourself” appears to contain startling and suspicious language. The Illuminati is everywhere. It has buried itself within our media, and even our dollar bill.

His soul’s escaping, through this hole that is gaping
This world is mine for the taking, make me king
As we move toward a new world order, a normal life is boring
But superstardom’s close to post mortem

Other theories about the Illuminati suggest that members choose to submit to a life that is no longer their own. They choose to ‘sell their souls to achieve fame and fortune.’ The all –seeing eye within The Illuminati is a presented to the public in a number of ways as a constant reminder of the society’s presence within the world. It is seen on the American dollar bill known as the masonic pyramid. It is there so that all can know that the Illuminati has reign over one of the most powerful things in the world- Currency.

The Illuminati is a society that exists. And while its intentions and motives are arguable, it is almost impossible to believe that we are not being exposed to it at all times. The Illuminati plants its ‘ideas’ in our music; in our culture. They are present, and they are intelligent enough to inject our culture with things that are evil and wrong. The Illuminati represents something bigger than what it actually is. It represents the idea one idea can be masked beneath everything that we hold dear in our culture, and world.

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