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My Students: My students are enrolled in a science magnet program. These 10th graders are eagerly absorbing our studies of coastal ecology. They are asking for more! The students ask me almost every day if we are going to dissect animals. They want to see inside these animals to better understand them!

My students are in a high-poverty school district. Many of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch, but our school does not qualify for Title I funding. My students come from a variety of backgrounds and many of them have to help their parents pay the bills. My school is a new high school in its second year operating out of a middle school building. Due to the newness of our school, and severe budget shortcuts, we do not have many of the basic supplies that older, more established schools have been able to collect over the years.

I teach the second course, Research II, in our school’s environmental and biological science specialty program. Students enrolled in this program are excited about science and want to pursue careers in science. These students are enjoying our studies of coastal ecology and marine biology. These students want more! They continually ask me if we will be able to dissect animals.

My Project: With the animal survey sets I am requesting, we will be able to dissect clams, sea stars, earthworms, frogs, grasshoppers, crayfish, fish, and more! These supplies will allow my students to dissect these organisms in pairs. This way each student will be able to participate in the dissection!

The insect collection manual will guide us in our studies of Arthropods. We will be able to go outside around the school and collect and identify various insects.

It is frustrating to me as an educator to not be able to supply materials for students who are truly interested and engaged in science. With the supplies from this project, I will be able to help quench their curiosity and, hopefully, to further inspire them in their science studies.

My students need specimens for dissecting. My students are eagerly absorbing our coastal ecology studies. They are asking for more!

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